Which Brands Make The Most Women’s Expensive Handbags? 

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Handbags are one of the essential fashion accessories for every woman in the world. They come in a variety of forms, sizes, designs, and colors, and there are so many brands from all over the world that it is not easy to choose from. Some handbags are made for high-end fashion and prestige, while others are made for ready-to-wear usage and to match urban elegance. High-end handbags not only show personal style but also are beacons of luxury. Nowadays, high-end handbags are more and more preferred. So, what are the most costly brand-name handbags in the world? Which Brands Make The Most Women’s Expensive Handbags compiled a list of the most expensive purse brands from all over the world that are worth paying money for!

  1. Hermes handbags

Hermès began in 1837 as a leather goods store in Paris and now has developed its superior stitching methods over the years to create accessories and luxury sportswear. Hermès is now regarded as one of the world’s most opulent fashion and lifestyle companies, top branded handbags for ladies with over 15,000 people, and runs 311 locations in the United States, Russia, and Asia. The main reason that makes Hermès handbags luxurious and expensive is that the majority, if not all, of them, are handcrafted. Hermes takes pleasure in its distinctive products, and the process of producing these items has traditionally been regarded as an art form. Any Hermès product requires specialized workmanship and attention to detail.

The most renowned Hermès bags are the Kelly and the Birkin, and they are considered luxury investments. 

Price Range: $15,000 – $150,000

Hermes Birkin HSS 30 Bag Rouge Casaque and Black Chevre Brushed Gold Hardware costs $34,100 at Farfetch

  1. Chanel Women’s Handbags & Purses

Coco Chanel launched Chanel in Paris, France in 1910, and the brand has become a global symbol of luxury handbag brands. The purses feature a quilted appearance and a double C logo, with the Flap Bag and Mademoiselle lock being the most known designs. With the passage of time and fashion, Chanel handbags have become exclusive, desired, and rare. The majority of Chanel purses are made of lambskin or caviar leather. Both leathers are superb, soft fabrics that enable Chanel to create very stunning purses. Caviar leather handbags are more costly and sought after of the two. Chanel is quite particular about the leather they use, including the grain, texture, and color. That makes Chanel handbags so expensive and of course high quality. 

The Chanel handbag’s price range from $3,600 to $7,400, and can be found at Luxury Resale Network

  1. Louis Vuitton Women’s Handbags & Purses

Louis Vuitton started in 1854 as a luggage company in Paris and the first recognizable LV Monogram pattern emerged on its baggage in 1896. Today, Louis Vuitton is a global leader in luxury fashion, renowned for its creative exploration, ingenuity, and daring designs.

The iconic Monogram canvas may be found on a variety of LV bag types. The Speedy, Steamer, and Keepall are three legendary Louis Vuitton bags. Authentic Louis Vuitton goods are distinct and costly, constructed of high-quality leather and materials.

Louis Vuitton $1,100-$6,000 price range. 

  1. Christian Dior Handbags

Christian Dior, an art dealer turned fashion designer, established his fashion company in Paris in 1941 The brand is currently recognized for its feminine and elegant aesthetic. The Lady Dior bag, with its firm construction and arching handle, is the most popular trademark Dior bag. It comes in a variety of colors, sizes, and leathers. Dior bags are notable for their elaborate cannage stitching and frequently incorporate a hanging, leather-backed pendant with the brand’s initials. Christian Dior is the must-go store for women’s designer bags

Price range from $2,450.00 – $3,800.00

  1. Balenciaga Women Bag

Balenciaga was created in Spain by Cristobal Balenciaga as a tiny business and grew to revolutionize women’s fashion with groundbreaking designs and lines. Today, Balenciaga is highly renowned for its streetwear and remains at the forefront of experimental fashion.

Balenciaga handbags are sought due to their high-quality leather and metal. The Motorcycle bag is a classic shape made of light lambskin leather that naturally ages. The Balenciaga City tote is the brand’s most popular handbag and is part of the Motorcycle collection.

The price range is $650-$3,000.

  1. Marc Jacobs Handbags & Purses

Marc Jacobs is a fashion designer from the United States who served as the creative director of Louis Vuitton from 1997 until 2014. Jacobs subsequently launched his own fashion company, Marc Jacobs, and began developing his own range of accessories and apparel goods. Marc Jacobs had over 200 retail shops in 80 countries. The majority of Marc Jacobs bags are less expensive than the rest of the names on our list, but one of the most sought-after bags is the Carolyn Crocodile handbag, which costs over $30,000.

Prices range from $135.00 to $30,000

  1. Mouawad

Mouawad is a Swiss and Emirati firm that creates jewelry, art items, and luxury timepieces. David Mouawad began the firm in 1891, and it is presently run by Fred, Alain, and Pascal Mouawad. Mouawad has been recognized by Guinness World Records five times since 1990, the most recent being for the Mouawad Flower of Eternity Jewelry Coffer, the world’s most costly jewelry box. Mouawad 1001 nights diamond purse was voted as the world’s most valuable handbag by Guinness World Records in 2010. The heart-shaped handbag is made of 18-karat gold and has 4,517 diamonds (105 yellow, 56 pink, and 4,356 colorless diamonds) totaling 381.92 carats. Along with Mouawad 1001 nights diamond purse, Mouawad also has numerous women’s luxury handbags that are sold at affordable prices. Do not forget to check out!

How Should I Take Care of and Store My Expensive Handbags?

Given the expensive cost of designer handbags, you’ll want to preserve them in the finest condition possible while you own them. Specific care may vary based on the bag’s materials, but you should maintain a regular maintenance schedule.

  • To maintain your handbag in good shape and condition, Bubble wrap, air spaces, and acid-free/unscented tissue paper are also recommended. 
  • Store your bag in the original bag. This prevents the handbag from being squished and misshaped. If you place them in plastic, moisture will seep into them. If you don’t have enough storage space for many boxes, keep your purse flat and in a dust bag. 
  • To properly clean leather purses and handbags, let’s use alcohol/fragrance free antibacterial wipes. We would recommend dusting an exotic leather purse with a dry soft cotton cloth and avoiding getting it damp.

With these women’s luxury handbag brands, hope that you can find the most expensive designer handbags for your handbag collections. If you still want to shop and score some price savings, do not hesitate to follow and make use of coupon codes from CouponPlay.

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